Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 7 of 365 Day Experiment -- January 7

This is a picture of footprints -- coming and going. First they were in the slush, and then they became frozen in place.

I suppose I am thankful for comings and goings. I use these terms in the context of relationships which is what first came to mind. When a new relationship comes into your life, it is exciting: someone who you click with, who shares your views and interests. It is fun exploring who they are and how you gel with them. But then sometimes there is a going of a relationship. This is tough. I'm one who clings as long as possible. I don't like to give up on relationships. But sometimes it is necessary. A particular relationship can become hurtful or unhealthy. In the last year I had to let go of a long-time relationship... like over 25 years long. As much as I tried to fix what was going wrong, a good friend reminded me that I had not been the one to break the relationship. So I needn't feel guilty when my fixing didn't work. I had to let go. And I did. And it hurt. But I think I'm OK now. Most of the time.

Other things I'm thankful for today:
-- Mail
-- Heat

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