Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Driving Miss Daisy" While Driving

I have discovered a new phenomenon occurring in vehicles driving down the highway -- the practice of people watching DVDs in the car. Technology sure has taken us a long way. But as one who is always the driver, and most often the sole occupant of the car, I find myself a bit jealous. I certainly would like to be able to watch movies, too. It would beat books on tape by a long shot. When I pass, or am passed by, a vehicle with a DVD player, I'm instantly curious about what they are watching. In fact, on my most recent road trip, I pulled up next to a vehicle in just the right position so that I could try to see exactly what was on their screen. This was not a good practice for a couple of reasons. One: I was driving 70 mph. Two: the other car didn't like it much, judging by the way they stepped on the gas and pulled away from me rather quicky.
Would it actually be possible for me to watch movies while driving, as it appears in the above picture? My heart tells me it would be fun to try, but my head tells me it probably isn't a very good idea. What do you think?