Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amazing Race Finale

It's my favorite show... and the finale is next Sunday night at 8 pm. Root for the 'Bama Girls -- they are the best!

Natural Unity

I witnessed one of nature’s miracles the other morning on my way to work. I was stopped at a long stoplight and I got to watch a flock of birds doing an avian dance. They were flying in a tightly bound unit that resembled a swarm of bees. They flew back and forth, up and down, in fast fits and starts while staying in complete unison. It seemed to defy reality that so many birds could operate as one. There had to be one lead bird, but because of all the different directions they flew, it was impossible to tell who was the lead bird. It was amazing that nobody made a wrong turn and crashed into the group. And somehow they all knew where to go because they landed in a nearby tree all together.

Why can’t the body of Christ be like this? When we have a leader who has been chosen by God and is leading the way, we decide we would rather go in a different direction. Unlike the birds, we bump into each other a lot and we hurt each other, too. We decide we’d rather land in a different tree than the rest of the group. Why can’t we share the shame vision, and follow the leader, like the birds?

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity
among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus.
-- Romans 15:5