Sunday, January 04, 2009

365 Days: An Experiment

I’ve always been intrigued by folks who do a 365 photo experiment; that is, they take a photo of themselves each day for a year. My friends Jim and Suzi have done this. My friend Carol spent 2008 writing down things each day that she didn’t want to take for granted. I’ve been inspired by these two concepts to do my own version of a 365 Day Experiment. I will be taking a photo each day, not necessarily with myself in it (frankly, I’m finding it hard to imagine 365 consecutive photos of myself!). I am also going to journal each day, focusing on things for which I’m thankful . I will be journaling the old fashioned way, with pen to paper, and plan to share some of it. Here’s my reasoning for this project:

1. I want to slow down and appreciate the here and now. No more days flying by with no recollection of anything significant that happened. We’ve been given so many gifts… how many of them do we miss?
2. I want to challenge my creative juices. I’m a very amateur photographer but I have aspirations of being better. I also like to write and this will force me to do it daily.
3. It will be fun!

So if you are interested in a day in the life of Barb ongoing, check it out! No promises on it being updated every 24 hours….

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