Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 48 of 365 Day Experiment -- February 17

Good TV In The House

I'll admit it -- I like American Idol. Simon, Paula, Kara and Randy keep my attention now until the end when the winner is crowned. I can't stand some of the 36 who remain, so we'll see how long they last.

I'm also partial to The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Top Chef, to name a few. See a pattern here? Can you say reality, which really isn't reality?

I'm thankful for:
-- living vicariously
-- meeting new people


Sarah said...

I've got to admit I love it too! This year, I love that one guy who's wife passed away and Scott, the guy who is blind...did you know he is my boss's cousin?!

Sarah said...

And that Tatiana character has GOT TO GO!!

Barb Hungerford said...

I'm in agreement on all of the above. How cool that you "know" Scott! My hairdresser knows someone who went to college with Brandon, the entrepreneur on Survivor right now.