Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 35 of 365 Day Experiment -- February 4

Brad and John

These are two of my spiritual mentors (no snickering from those of you who know them). They have taught me much, challenged me, laughed with me, done God's work with me, and experienced pain with me. I'm proud to call them my friends and love it when I know I'll get to see them and talk to them. Thanks, guys, for all you've done for me!

I could kick myself for not taking another photo today of my good buddy, Bob. We had lunch and a great time catching up. He, too, has been an important person in my life for many years. We've talked and shared a lot, and he was the best gift from one of my previous jobs.

I am thankful for:
-- all of my friends, especially these guys. How could we go through life without the love and care of our friends? I am so blessed and glad for these connections.
-- deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza

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