Sunday, February 07, 2010

More Music

From "1,000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die" by Tom Moon. Going through the book alphabetically...

Moorish Music from Mauritania by Dimi Mint Abba -- Mauritanian music is described as a combination of Islamic life in North Africa and sub-Saharan black Africa. This artist's father composed the Mauritanian national anthem and she is an award-winning singer. The book says that "like other Islamic singers, she doesn't always stay within a given tonality -- when she's really riled up, her ad-libs veer into wild quarter-tones and semi-tones that are manifestations of pure spirit." I didn't like it because of the Arabic styling of the music. Just doesn't appeal to me.

The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra -- Abrams got his start playing blues and R&B piano. The title track of the recommended album, Blu Blu Blu, is a tribute to Muddy Waters. It's just the kind of bluesy jazz that I like to listen to. Not a big fan of improv jazz.

Shakin' The Rafters by The Abyssinian Baptist Choir -- While this is a recording of a live performance, so not very polished, it has all the liveliness of a typical African American church service. The book says, "loaded with crackling call-and-response exchanges and outbreaks of soul-clapping jubilation." Good stuff if you like this style.

Back In Black by AC/DC -- Familiar from my high school days, although I was never a fan. Good guitar riffs but sounds more like screaming than singing. Also familiar is "You Shook Me All Night long." Don't think I'll post any lyrics.

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