Thursday, April 26, 2007

Book Review: “False Impression” by Jeffrey Archer

Anna Petrescu is an art expert. She works for Bryce Fenston, a scurrilous character/art collector/banker whom she discovers is cheating his customers. Acting as a modern-day Robin Hood, Anna decides to take matters into her own hands by stealing a priceless Van Gogh, one of Fenston’s targeted purchases, but the events of 9/11 temporarily foil her plans. (Interesting side plot of reliving the fateful day’s events through the eyes of a survivor, even if fictional.) The story takes Anna to Bucharest, London, and Tokyo with a knife-wielding assassin and a handsome FBI agent both in hot pursuit. Through forgeries, severed ears, multi-million dollar deals, and great plot twists, you’ll enjoy your wild ride through the world of sophisticated art collectors.

My Thoughts
The cover of this book features a quote from the New York Post that says, “A worthy successor to The DaVinci Code,” but I don’t see it except that both books are about art and crime. While I really enjoyed this book, I wouldn’t put it on the caliber of DaVinci, which I thought was exceptional. (It was fiction, people, so don’t start thinking I’m some heathen whacko.) Nevertheless, it was a good read and I recommend it.

PS – Holy cow! I just saw this very painting on a commercial for eye drops. What a small world.

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