Saturday, May 14, 2005

Keen To The Lie

I receive an email devotional each day, and one recent one included a prayer asking God to, “Make us keen to the lie and hunger for the truth.” I love the phrase, “Keen to the lie.” Not only is a wonderful turn of a phrase, but it also was very thought-provoking to me. What lies do I need to be keen to?

That I am not worthy of God’s love… that my sins are not really as bad as someone else’s… that it is my job to point out another person’s short-comings… that if you are a Christian, life will be pain-free… that I am a second-class person because I am not married…that I have not accomplished much in my lifetime… that a perfect church, with no problems or issues, exists out there somewhere… that I have to say “yes” to any ministry opportunity that comes my way because I have to perform for God in order for him to accept me…

I pray that God will make me keen to all the lies he would want to root out of my mind. No doubt, more will come to me as I pray on this topic and we can continue to expand the list.

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BJBergfalk said...

I wish more people would become "keen to the lies" that mislead them into believing that which is not true. Worst of all, those lies that lead them to believe they are something less than God intends.